Top 3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost like Christmas has just passed and now another gift-giving holiday is upon us! If you are at a loss for what to give your partner this Valentine’s Day, this article is here to make your job a little easier. Here are three Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are definitely unique, personalized, and at the same time, they are probably nothing your partner is expecting!

1. Förnicsör
Förnicsör, founded by Kata Rosta and Melinda Becskerei, makes personalized wallpapers, tables, and even trays. Their aim is to prove that even the most uninteresting pieces of furniture can become the highlight of a room if personalized. Their bigger goal is to make the world a better place – in their words – by creating things that people love. If you think your love would like a personalized tray to bring you breakfast on, a table that is more interesting to do work on, or a new wallpaper to spice up their room without any serious re-designing, Förnicsör is just the place to go. The creators are open to ready-made ideas and are also more than glad to help out indecisive clients figure out what to get their partner exactly! To see more of their creations and order from them, visit their official Facebook page.

2. Mahinárium Doll Factory: The Selfie Doll Creator
Despite the fact that their name might sound slightly strange, their creations are absolute gold. And in the generation of selfies, what better gift is there to give your partner than a doll of his/herself, or the both of you? The best thing about the doll factory is that its creators take their craft very seriously and take pride in being one of the few doll-makers and craftsmen that deal in costume design internationally. They ask you to send a few pictures of your beloved and to describe them in a few sentences in order for them to be able to eternalize both the appearance and personality of the person in question (whether it be you or your partner) when making your doll. Then they send you a raw design of your soon-to-be gift, and if you’re OK with it, they’ll send the finished product to you in about eight weeks time. Besides selfie dolls, they also create hand-made and costume plushes, regular dolls, and so-called “monsters”. To find out more about their creations, the ordering process, and to see some of their amazing works, visit their official website.

3. Presso Design
Have you ever wondered what happens to used burlap coffee sacks? No…? Well, regardless, now you won’t have to: quite a number of them gets upcycled and remodeled into women’s handbags, MacBook sleeves, laptop bags, and the likes. In addition to the coffee sacks, natural burlap, Italian leather and hemp canvas are also used in the creation of the handbags, iPhone sleeves, etc; moreover, because dozens of designs are used, not one PressoDesign item will ever look exactly the same. So if you want unique, go no futher! It literally doesn’t get anymore unique than PressoDesign. Don’t trust me? Check out their designs for yourself.

In my experience, unique and personalized items make the best gifts because they let the person you are giving them to know how much you care by the obvious effort you put into choosing the specific item. Besides, everybody loves a genuine surprise when receiving a present, and I bet none of your partners are expecting Förnicsör furniture, selfie dolls, or upcycled coffee sacks now functioning as laptop bags or iPhone sleeves! These are the reasons why I chose these three specific gift ideas to share with you guys.

I hope that all those of you who started reading this article without any clue what to get their partner for this Valentine’s Day have left with either a specific idea or at least some inspiration. Have a happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!